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Olamide Odeleye AKA Stygal Ginger Olamide Odeleye AKA Stygal Ginger


Olamide Odeleye is a student of Creative Art Department at Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) Ijebu, Ogun state.


She’s an Afro beat/Hippop artist popular known as STYGAL GINGER. She’s a native of Ekiti state.


According to her, “my popularity back then in secondary school made friends call me STARGIRL.. That was not my stage name then, but I prefer something different, i feel every girl is a star, so i changed to STYGAL GINGER”.


She started her musical career three (3) years ago and she produced her first song in the year 2018, titled “Getting money” and her recent released title “carry “.


The self acclaimed best TASUED female Rapper said, “I believe, what a man can do, a woman can do better”.


Below the Interview session with our correspondence


INTERVIEWER: Hello, Stygal.. Sup?



INTERVIEWER ; Can We Know Your Real Name?

STYGAL GINGER: Okay! Am Olamide Odeleye


INTERVIEWER: You Are From Which State?

STYGAL GINGER: Am from Ekiti state


INTERVIEWER: You Studying At Which School ?

STYGAL GINGER: I am a student of Tai solarin university of Education..


INTERVIEWER : Can We Know Your Course Of Study ?

STYGAL GINGER: Okay! Creative art, Also known as fine and applied art


INTERVIEWER: Good… Okay, So How Do You Come About Your Stage Name STYGAL GINGER?

STYGAL GINGER: Let’s say my popularity back then in secondary school made friends call me stargirl.. That was not my stage name then, I had to change to stargirl!!!


INTERVIEWER : What about the GINGER?

STYGAL GINGER: But i prefer something different, i feel every girl is a star, so i changed to stygal ginger


INTERVIEWER :When Did You Started Your Music Career Officially?

STYGAL GINGER: That was 3 years ago!


INTERVIEWER : What’s The Title Of Your First Song And What Year Was It Released?

STYGAL GINGER: Okay! That’s was 2018, the song was tittled “Getting money”


INTERVIEWER : Cool… What Genre Of Music Do You Do?

STYGAL GINGER Afro beat / hiphop


INTERVIEWER: As an Upcoming Artiste And Even a Female One At That, What Are The Challenges You Facing?


Firstly, the issue of dealing with the opposite sex..

In most cases they feel, what you really want from them is a relationship. You know Nigerians now, whenever they see you with opposite sex, you now a prostitute..

You won’t be free to mingle with your fellow artiste all because of what people would think about you!!!




INTERVIEWER: Amidst Those Challenges, what gives you motivation?

STYGAL GINGER: God!!! Anytime i pray i feel motivated, he helps me keep moving.

My passion for music is just so much, i can’t quit..It is part of me!!


INTERVIEWER: What does your inspiration comes From? STYGAL GINGER: Well, it is still God he is my source, then from my experience., What am passing through..

From my mentors also..


INTERVIEWER: Who do you look up to in the music industry?

STYGAL GINGER: Alright i think that is “Burna boy”


INTERVIEWER: Who is your favorite musical artiste?

STYGAL GINGER: I love everyone of them, they are really trying but i gat this soft spot For burna boy..


INTERVIEWER: Title Of Your Most Recent Track?

STYGAL GINGER: That is “Carry”

INTERVIEWER : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

STYGAL GINGER: Shutting down shows home and abroad!! Earning from my hustle, living the kind of lifestyle i pray for..


INTERVIEWER: What is your Greatest disappointment?

STYGAL GINGER: Okay!! After rehearsing everynight for a particular show, during the performance i discover..

Those sleepless nights was a waste, cause i was the only one vibing to my song! So embarrasing..


INTERVIEWER: A day you will never forget?

STYGAL GINGER: Okay!! The first day i visited the music studio, i was so happy, I can never forget that particular day




INTERVIEWER : You recently claim you are the best female artiste in Tasued… How True is this?

STYGAL GINGER: Alright!! In my jungle am a “Lion” not even a Lioness!!! We are all unique in our ways, what i feel and will always defend is that ” Don’t compare me with anybody” ama boss on my own, i am “ME” !!


INTERVIEWER: Lion? Do you mean you can compete with male rappers in Tasued?

STYGAL GINGER: Why not!! I can , I believe “what a man can do, a woman can do better!!


INTERVIEWER: Cool, In Case Music Doesn’t Obey, What Are Your Alternative Plans ?


STYGAL GINGER: Acting straight up, but i pray music pays., If it is entertainment, am in..


INTERVIEWER: Are you signed to any record label presently ?

STYGAL GINGER: No, not at all


INTERVIEWER: Sign by record label or blow as an independent artiste, which one do you prefer ?

STYGAL GINGER; I prefer blown as an independent artiste..

That’s just the best thing, trust me..


INTERVIEWER: The Biggest show you had ever performed at?

STYGAL GINGER: There is this big carnival at our hood then, i grew up seeing super talented musicians perform on that stage e.g patoranking, Mr Real and co.

That particular carnival was my biggest show!!


INTERVIEWER: Do you charge for shows?

STYGAL GINGER: Noo, not yet, but very soon am working on that, As for now i don’t charge for shows..


INTERVIEWER: Which of your tracks do you think your fans love most?

STYGAL GINGER: That’s fun won je” and baqq..


INTERVIEWER: Your Favorite producer ?

STYGAL GINGER: That’s Sarz on the beat, he is just the best!!


INTERVIEWER: Which producer will you like to work with?

STYGAL GINGER: All of them, they are all doing well, LOL!!


INTERVIEWER: Your Favorite Record Label

STYGAL GINGER: Okay that is “DMW.


INTERVIEWER : Your Favorite Musical Artiste

STYGAL GINGER :Sure i go for “Burna boy”


INTERVIEWER: Do Your Family Support You Doing Music?

STYGAL GINGER: Sure they do..


INTERVIEWER: If Given a Chance, Which Artiste Will You like to feature?

STYGAL GINGER: Yes!! Olamide (Baddo)


INTERVIEWER: What are your hobbies?

STYGAL GINGER: I love singing, watching movies, yea! I love watching movies alot..


INTERVIEWER: One Secret About You?

STYGAL GINGER: Okay!am too emotional


INTERVIEWER: What Should Your Fans Expect From You?

STYGAL GINGER: They should expect lots of amazing songs, i mean real dope songs, Fire blazing vibes!!!


INTERVIEWER: One Word For Your Fans Out There?

STYGAL GINGER: Don’t sleep on the girl abeg, keep supporting me? ???keep the love alive?????cause i do love them all????


INTERVIEWER: Thanks For Your Time

STYGAL GINGER: It is my pleasure

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He is a social entrepreneur, blogger and political analyst. He is passionate about contributing his quota to the development of his society and nation at large. 


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